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The way we move around the earth is changing, with manufacturers striving to enhance transportation/vehicle experiences and reduce environmental impact. Plastics and knowledge in applying them are integral to advancing those goals. SABIC can help with the right materials, solutions and expertise – paving the way for more sustainable transportation and a lower carbon future.

EV Battery Pack Solutions

Flame retardant, high-temperature structural thermoplastic materials under SABIC’s BLUEHERO™ initiative can help optimize EV battery packs for weight and cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced safety and lower environmental impact.

Automotive smart panels & Lighting

SABIC materials can deliver design freedom to create unique shapes and designs, excellent transparency for light and signal transmission, impact and high temperature performance, weatherability/UV stability and high-quality aesthetics. 

Automotive structures & trim

Versatile thermoplastics from SABIC can meet key requirements and address industry trends for these components, including demands for enhanced aesthetics and solutions that support the transition to a more circular economy. 

Vehicle Glazing

SABIC solutions can help manufacturers differentiate vehicles with designs and part/function integrations not feasible with glass, while reducing weight.

Additional Vehicle Solutions

SABIC solutions can support demands for high comfort, reduced weight and recyclable designs.