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Electrical & Electronics

Electrical – shifting requirements and more sustainable solutions are driving change at every level. Electrification of society has presented new challenges to build out the infrastructure to support this shift by making electrical vehicles, smart grid solutions and connected devices more powerful and cost-effective.

Electronics - are being woven more and more deeply into the fabric of everyday life. The Internet of Things is building technology into our cities, homes, offices and automobiles, creating a new generation of smart devices. At the same time, the fierce pace of development and competition in the electronics market drives a constant demand for thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient devices. To meet these challenges, manufacturers need to make products that are cost-effective to produce, yet meet consumers’ expectations for style, ease of use and sustainability. SABIC’s materials are the foundation for the next generation of electronic devices.


In the coming years, more and more solar and wind energy will have to be converted and transported through the energy grid. Broad portfolio of high-performance engineering thermoplastic solutions for components in this chain.


Innovative engineering thermoplastic materials and technology solutions that can help optimize EV batteries and charging infrastructure, by reducing weight and expanding design freedom.


Broad portfolio of high-performance engineering thermoplastic solutions for electronic devices such as Wi-Fi routers and 5G network infrastructure applications.


High-performance engineering thermoplastic materials for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting that can deliver more energy-efficient illumination and potentially longer lifetimes than conventional light sources.