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Building & Construction

Architects and builders are looking for new solutions to satisfy public demand for environmentally responsible structures, meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements and achieve recognition through programs such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system. At our booth you are able to explore our sustainable energy, electrical, structural and pipe solutions.

Energy Solutions

SABIC addresses the construction industry’s need for energy-efficient solutions with its foamed walls, floor and pipes insulation materials to help conserve energy. SABIC’s PP compounds are used for lightweight solar and PV panel components supports the production of renewable energy.

Electrical Solutions

SABIC’s ETP resin solutions have contributed to the development of many breakthrough electronic device designs, that need thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient components. They are the foundation for the next generation of devices – such as smart grids and electrical vehicle infrastructure.

Structural Solutions

SABIC’s Structural solutions portfolio of LEXAN™ polycarbonate (PC) solid, multiwall and building sheet system products are contributing to circularity and strengthen sustainable building designs by increasing energy conservation, improving working/living environments, and promoting recycling.

Pipe Solutions

Global urbanization and population growth will increase the demand for plastic pipes. Above ground or below, SABIC produces material solutions that are more sustainable by increasing the performance and lifetime of pipes used in infrastructure, industrial, domestic and agriculture markets.

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If you have questions about our products, please contact one of our specialists Rainer Kloth or Ralph Handstanger.